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Posted by: admin at December 2nd, 2013

 Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery

The option of part-time jobs among undergraduates isn’t a mystery anymore, nor is it a secret to anyone. Nonetheless, this fact comes together with some connections and tendencies reflecting on the students’ performance. The immediate impulse would be to think of full-time undergrads who are forced, because of varied financial reasons, to apply for part-time jobs as having a lower general school performance. The truth is that being employed in order to financially support themselves is, in fact, a sign of dedication and perseverance. 23% of the full-time students in the United States of America work as unqualified employees. Surprisingly, recent studies have shown that their school situation is, in fact, better than their colleagues, despite all odds, as there is the tendency to gradually increase the value of their grades. Another recently researched fact is that 12% at most of the Asian undergrads in America are willing to sacrifice 20 hours a week for a part-time job, while the majority thinks that it would drastically affect their overall school performance.

One of the main causes of this general financial problem lies in the fact that almost 48% of the undergraduates in America live in families whose entire annual earnings don’t overcome $40, 000, hence the youth obligation to self-sustain their college outlays, at least partially. This social-economic situation doesn’t apply, however, to 4,5% of the students, whose general annual income per family is higher than $160, 000. A report of the general performance level in higher education comparing the wealthy students to the poorer ones shows that the latter tend to be more serious, dedicated and, therefore, obtain better results.

Currently, the biggest State University in U.S. is Arizona State University, and most of the students there haven’t made their choices following the fees exclusively, but the satisfactory report between the facilities, technology and education level on one hand and the outgoings on the other. Arizona’s enrollment rate in higher education has grown by 148% during the last 13 years, while general enrollment in the U.S. has increased by 38%. Another observed direction concerns common majors, which has declined by 5% during the last 10 years.

Out of the total number of current students in the U.S. over 19% hope to be able to follow a Ph. D. and consider remaining in the university system, either in research on the field or as actual professors. The expected state of facts for the following 10 years is for the number of high school graduates to grow 10 %. Therefore, the university challenge would be attracting the students by applying popular measures, such as diminishing the level of education fees or investing in advanced technology to compensate for the high costs.

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