A Happy Career Rule: Analyze Your Skill Set Prior To Making a Career Plunge

Posted by: guestblogger at October 29th, 2012

It is very important to know what your real skills are before you choose a job for yourself. A person should not plunge into any job without analyzing his plus and negative points otherwise he could be in for a big problem later on.


Before you begin to email or fax your resumes to prospective employers, it is vital to conduct a self analysis of your proficiency as well as expertise. If you know what your aptitude and competence level is, chances are brighter that you will fare well in your job interview stage.

While applying for a job, it’s idealistic that you discover your strengths and weaknesses and be ready to address these. By knowing your advantage, the chances of finding & getting the job that you wish will certainly get smoother. But you shouldn’t become too confident because this is among the most common mistakes that plague job applicants. Appearing too surefooted or as somewhat of a know it all individual will merely get you tagged by your interviewer as unfit for the job.

Know Yourself In Order To Crack A Job Interview At The First Go

The most important thing to do before you go for a job interview is to ascertain your accomplishments as well as skill set. Knowing what you want to say will help you to articulate in a best possible manner your abilities as well as expertness. Some people find it tough to talk about their achievements as well as abilities. The way how you speak makes a huge amount of difference. You do not want to sound as if you are boasting about your skill set. But then should not be afraid to mention your skills. It is crucial to tell your potential employer your achievements and talents so that he can take advantage owing to them. Steer clear of any arrogant or pompous language as this will create a bad impression on your prospective employer.

What Are Different Categories Of Skills Which A Prospective Employee Can Possess?

There are mainly two main categories of skills which a prospective employer looks in for in an employee.

  • soft skills
  • Hard skills.

Hard skills include technical knowledge as regards the field of employment. Knowledge as regards specialized computer program or knowing fast typing, dexterity in using certain tools etc can be included in the category of hard skills.

Soft skills are the skills which are abstract in nature. Soft skills include personal qualities of a person such as his communication skills or team building skills, level of confidence etc.

How to Crack Your Job Interview in the First Go?

Construct a list of all your prior jobs as well as experiences gained. Then make a list of skill set required for your current job portfolio. Match your skill set with what is required out of you for your current job position. Then when you go for an interview present your skills in a manner which are best suited for the job which you are applying for. Your hobbies give an approximation of what kind of person you are. Let your prospective employer know about your hobbies which can seem beneficial for your current job. For example, you were a part of your schools’ debating team, now this can leave an impression on the mind of your employer that you are good at decision making and analyzing a problem.

Therefore, it is very important that you yourself analyze and know your skills before you select any field of work for yourself. No one wants to make a wrong career choice and regret later on.


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