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All Without Ever Setting Foot in A Classroom. No Books, No Exams, No Studying – Just Your Proven Life Experience.

And, Yes, These Are Legally Accredited College Degrees. Learn How This 100% Legal Risk-Free Degree Is Possible And How You Can Improve Your Career, Income And Life!

read on…

We live in a world where sadly how much you earn, where you went to college, what kind of diplomas you’ve got displayed on your office wall COUNT! It’s the hard truth and, with this in mind, you need to start building your academic and social proof in order to advance at work and society.

Here’s a scenario that surely by now happened to you or, if not, to someone you know: You’re a hard working individual, with years of experience in your field, maybe even with tangible results to show for, but you’re stagnating. An upper position in your company has been opened and you decide to apply or better yet you go to your manager’s office and ask for a promotion. Here comes the sad part we all know – You get politely refused. You are assured by your manager that your work there is valued and appreciated, and if it were up to him you could have the position, but COMPANY POLICY or SOCIAL RULES don’t allow it.

“If You Had A College Degree, I Could Have Given You THE JOB, but…”


Here’s What You Will Be Able To Do With Your New Legally Accredited College Degree

  • Earn more money.
  • Get a promotion.
  • Stand a chance at scoring a job interview.
  • Get an edge over the competition while job hunting.
  • Get all the advantages and opportunities that come with a college degree.
  • You’ll SAVE THOUSANDS OF $ worth of tax and tuition to universities.
  • You can earn your life experience degree in 5 days mailed to your home, not in 5 years of studying.
  • Qualify for a managerial position.
  • Impress friends and co-workers.
  • Score more dates (you’ll be surprised… ).

“Wait… This Sounds Too Good To Be True”

Too good, you say? Wrong, this is monumental information – the kind of information very few people know about ! Below you will be given insight details on how anyone can get a cheap degree solely based on your life experience.

All of this is done by exploiting a legal loophole that allows certain Universities, entitled by their local jurisdiction, to award Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, MBAs and even PhDs all based on proven work or life experience. As a means of granting much needed degrees to worthy individuals, and of course as means to make money, accredited Universities offer these possibilities on the basis of professional knowledge, talents, experience and other demonstrated skills.

These degrees are considered absolutely the same as any other degree obtained by convenional methods – through studying, campus life, projects, theses, and so on. This means they’ll help you in absolutely the same ways to advance in your career as any other degree. The only impediment is the respective institution’s reputation, because most employers most probably won’t know about them (which is a good thing), but if you’re doing this, you’re most probably miles away from setting foot in an Ivy League campus anyway. Here’s more info on how Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery

For the same reasons you won’t be given any information about the Universities our partner (they’ve been doing this since 2001 with remarkable service) works with – this is to protect the University’s reputation. After you supply all the necessary details, a suitable University based on your experience and location will be chosen by experts, only then, after you have taken all the necessary steps, the University’s name will be revealed.

Why choose Instant Degrees?

If you search the web for similar services that offer cheap online degrees, long distance education programs or other types of diplomas you’ll find that most of them are either FAKE, EXPENSIVE, UNACCREDITED or all together.

Instant Degrees guarantees that our degrees are 100% legal, accredited, financially affordable and just as good as any other degree you’d get from actually attending a University. The company has been online and doing this since 2001 with thousands of satisfied customers all around the world. Just consider this, in only 5 days you’ll be able earn either of the following: buy a degree

  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor degree
  • Doctorate degree
  • Master degree
  • MBA
  • Professorship
  • PhD
  • Research fellowship
  • Postdoctoral fellowship
  • Postgraduate fellowship

You can earn any of these based on your life experience and choose from Cheapest Tramadol Cod. Full list of available subjects can be seen Cheapest Tramadol Online Uk.

How The Service Works

  1. Choose the subject you’d like your degree to be in.
  2. Certify you have work experience in the respective field for the type of degree you want, as shown in the graph above.
  3. Donate a small fee, sit back and eagerly wait for your degree to get mailed and delivered at your door step in under 5 days!

For a more detailed explanation and answers to questions you might be asking yourself, feel free to check out our Cheapest Tramadol Uk page.

What’s important to note is that…


  • can’t guarantee you a 100% accredited degree
  • issue fake or unaccredited diplomas
  • are very expensive and unreliable
  • do half the job and you’re still left to attend some classes or take exams.


  • guarantees a real and authentic college degree from an accredited university or college
  • offers cheap degrees compared to what results it can render
  • is 100% legal and veritable!
  • offers your degree fast and easy – you just need to have proven work experience
  • is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for all these years so you can finally climb the social ladder towards success.

Just listen to what other satisfied people have to say about the service

I was a self taught computer expert by the time I was 22 and have run several successful websites. Before getting my instant degree from you, I touted myself to large companies for a position in IT. The lack of a paper qualification meant that I didn’t even get to the interview stage and was passed over for less experienced university graduates with letters after their name, but no inkling of what REAL WORLD Information Technology Management is all about. The first job I applied for after getting my instant degree resulted in being called to an interview. I was able to demonstrate my IT skills and was offered the job. My boss is extremely happy that he hired me and I am inline for promotion. If it wasn’t for your service I would still be in the reject pile. )
– Geoff D. BSc. IT Management.

I am self employed and put the two post nominal letters from my Degrees, BA and MBA on my letterhead and my business card. Even though my business does not require a College Education, I have noticed a sharp increase in clients seeking my services. I have also noticed they haggle less as to my fees and estimates”.
– Mariah Benton BA, MBA.

I am a British Citizen. The first time I realised the full value of your service was when I renewed my passport including details of my new Doctorate. Without a specific request, my new passport included an entry in the special observations section to the effect that the holder of the passport was “Dr” and not “Mr”. I have found that when traveling I enjoy an enhanced level of courtesy
– Andrew Kelly Ph.D.

For years I was frustrated by my bank’s tendency to put me on hold until an operator was available. The first time I telephoned as “Dr Lewis”, I was given the direct dial number which would avoid being put on hold
Dr. A. Lewis

I use my Degree ( a Doctorate) as a dating ploy. I had good quality calling cards professionally printed and I always present them on being introduced to anyone. Often, I simply introduce myself to a lady I find attractive and offer the card saying that I would like to meet her for dinner at some future date, if she is amenable. More often than not, I receive a call.
– Mark Trenton Ph.D.

Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online

Earn your degree NOW!

You’ve heard the testimonials, you’ve read our website over and over again, and there are still parts you can’t understand like how in the world can you get a Ph.D without ever setting foot in a classroom, but the truth is this all is possible, our degrees are 100% legal and accredited from authoritative colleges and universities, and there are already literally thousands of people in the US and the rest of the world who have already benefited from this kind of service.  Are you ready to join them and begin changing your life?

Well, we’re pleased to offer you this opportunity at an amazingly low price benefiting from our promotional offers for just the next couple of days, so don’t wait…

Please note: these are promotional prices which will be available only for the next couple of days. Act now and order!

Here’s what you’re paying for:

We have strict guidelines on Degree certificate quality and we only deal with Institutions that conform to common design standards.  A general guideline to the type of degree certificate that conforms to academic norms and common standards is usually:

Signatures Scanned / Printed (in blue) Printed signatures are standard for modern College degrees. This totally conforms to  common design standards.
A4 Format Diploma Printed on High Quality 180g white or suitably colored un-bordered diploma card or High Quality 170g bordered diploma card. Details of the institution, degree awarded and graduate name.
Details printed by high quality black print. The logo of the institution. Most importantly, the official embossed seal of the institution. Usually this is ornate and gold-foil (not cheap stick on like you will find elsewhere).
Unique diploma identity code Verification instructions Address and legal status of the institution

Included in the fee are:

  • Legal Registration of the Degree and obtaining the Official Seal.Printing and Shipping worldwide by Registered Express Mail.
  • FREE verification service by the College/University should anybody wish to verify it.
  • Cover letter from the College or University you will have graduated from.
  • A copy of the College or University’s official accreditation certificate.
  • A current copy of the College or University’s postal prospectus.

Receive $180 worth of career boosting eBooks for FREE upon ordering

A college diploma will open a lot of new doors and opportunities, however it’s up to you what doors you choose and the way you walk in. We realize this and to make things easier and clearer on your career path we’re offering FIVE incredible resources filled with hundred of pages of valuable strategies, unique tips & tricks, practical advice and examples which will practically guarantee you’ll get a better job and earn more money – all for FREE!

BONUS #1: How to Get A Job Fast
BONUS #2: How to Prepare Your CV
BONUS #3: Jumpstart Your Resume Power
BONUS #4: Bloggers Guide to Profits
BONUS #5: Hypnotic Writing

Our 100% money back guarantee policy

For those of you still skeptical of the veridicity or benefits of a life experience college degree issued by Instant Degrees, consider that you don’t have anything to lose thanks to our 24 hour degree approval guarantee.

Instant Degrees approval policy states that after you apply for a degree and certify you truly have the life experience outlined in the forms, then Instant Degrees MUST inform you of your degree approval within 24 hours and then physically send your diploma days later else YOUR MONEY BACK!

Order your degree now and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Do you want to finally change your life around for the best and climb the social ladder towards success? Take advantage of this opportunity and order now!

Tramadol India Online
All orders are processed 100% Securely via

P.S. Let me emphasisese this once more: every issued degree is 100% real, safe, risk-free and accredited by authoritative universities and colleges.

P.P.S. Remember that the whole life experience degree system is based  on a legal loophole. Laws change, and in this case, this means this offer might expire in the future. Exploit the system, order now and get your accredited college degree in less than 5 days!

LEGAL NOTICE: Instant Degrees DOES NOT issue Fake certificates, phony degrees, novelty diplomas, replica or counterfeit degree qualifications, diploma or transcript form diploma mills. If you’re looking for that kind of service, please leave this site and search elsewhere. All of Instant Degree’s issued documents are 100% legal and delivered by real, accredited institutions who have the legal right to award degrees.

Trusted life experience degree service since 2001.