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4 Tips for Achieving Superhero Student Status at an Online School

Posted by: admin at July 30th, 2012

The movie The Incredibles is an Academy Award-winning Walt Disney Pictures film based around an entire community of superheroes. At one point the main character, Mr. Incredible, asks, “I mean, who wants the pressure of being super all the time?” He has a good point. There are a lot of days when my friends jokingly […]

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4 Tech-friendly Tips for Success in an Online University

Posted by: guestblogger at July 30th, 2012

No matter whether you’re a high school graduate, possess a college degree, or are going back to school now that you’ve helped your children finish paying off the debt from their own student loans, online classes are a great way to further one’s education for their current career, or possibly to train in something completely […]

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Time Management Tips for Busy Moms Studying for an Online Degree

Posted by: guestblogger at July 7th, 2012

Earning a degree is a good way for anyone to make a move toward a new career. Busy moms may want to opt for online courses rather than going to class in person – it takes less time, and costs much less. But while it may be less time-consuming in some ways, online learning can […]

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